Route 94 Workshop

Route 94 – Stop and Listen 

This is an exciting two-day-and-one-night transformation experience. A diverse group of carefully selected people from across a company or from across the citizen spectrum is brought together, representing the socio-economic and cultural divides of the nation. They participate in a facilitated experience that will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of South Africa’s road to democracy and where we are today. In doing so, they acquire skills and gain experience of the process of deep listening, enabling them to take stock and improve their vision of a personal contribution towards nation building and transformation.

Features and Benefits

  • Realise a strong sense of responsibility toward reconciliation
  • A process of nation building
  • Understand the need for socio-economic transformation
  • Encounter South Africans from all backgrounds and find like-mindedness
  • Learn through deep listening skills
  • Personal storytelling

Book for the next workshop:
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