Peer Education Track Record

gold-enterprises is an industry leader within its domain of practice, drawing on 12 years of gold’s experience building capacity in organisations to empower youth and young adults as opinion leaders to become positive role-models and agents of change through an evidence based behaviour change methodology using the mechanism of peer education .

gold-enterprises believes that we have an opportunity to change social norms and behaviours and address the significant social and economic challenges faced by schools and communities across emerging markets head on. It is our dream to see people of all ages aware of their potential and translating this potential into reality, living healthy, purpose-filled lives and contributing to transformation in their communities and schools. We believe the methodology of quality peer education can achieve this vision.

Peer Education Youth

Behaviour Change for Youth

Peer Education Youth course is a 5 day unit standard aligned training focused on the mechanism of peer education. Participants are equipped to harness the influence young people have over their peers to design and implement school based and community based peer education interventions that result in sustained changes in norms, culture and processes in line with the organisation’s  mission.

gold-enterprises offers support and training in designing, managing and monitoring their own intervention. Peer education trainers and organization managers are trained to be equip young people as agents of change, role models and opinion leaders who lead their peers and those around them to make changes in their lives for health-enhancing and purpose-driven behaviour. Through developing a key group of carefully selected youth as leaders to influence their peers and younger children, organisations and schools have the potential to positively impact knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve outcomes in some of the toughest environments that youth are growing up in and living in.
Peer Education is defined as a dynamic process, a strategy, a communication channel, system and a tool whereby selected and well trained people operate in a specific sphere of influence within their school or community environment. The aims of a peer education intervention are determined solely by the needs of the organisation. Some examples include:

  • Contributing towards an increase in knowledge and skills and promoting desired attitudes
  • Enhancing health seeking behavior and employability competencies
  • Reducing risk behaviours and vulnerability and promoting resilience
  • Rectifying or influencing a situation towards ownership of transformation norms

Evidence Based Peer education is effective in achieving results in the areas of health education, academic outcomes, reducing high risk behaviours, leadership development, special transformation behavioural change and focused communication strategies to disseminate consistent messaging in a school or community. Our training and consulting promotes: an understanding of what peer education is; elements critical to its success; and how to use peer education as a methodology for sustained change.

Drawing on gold’s vast experience assisting non-profit organisations, communities and schools to effectively implement peer education, over the past twelve years, gold-enterprises is able to:

  • Help a client determine the specific outcomes they need to address to impact their communities of focus
  • Assist  a client in designing a tailor made peer education intervention for their school or community environment, ensuring they include the critical success factors
  • Train a client’s selected group of youth trainers to train youth peer educators
  • Support a client in developing customised training content to achieve their chosen outcomes
  • Offer our expertise in developing an appropriate and relevant monitoring and evaluation system to monitor a client’s progress in achieving their desired outcomes.
  • Provide an ongoing relationship to ensure our support to a client in making the intervention successful – peer education is not a quick fix, it takes time to effect sustained change and it is necessary that the intervention is customised for each client and implemented in an integrated manner in their organisation so that root causes are successfully addressed. 

Aim of 4.5 day Behaviour Change Youth Training Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to create an awareness of the elements required to deliver a successful peer education programme. The workshop will also prepare participants to put measures in place upon return to their schools and communities to enhance the potential for a successful programme using the Peer2Peer product suite as an optional benefit or tailor made content for internal desired outcomes and norm changes.


  • Participants will have engaged with the core Components of peer education and understand what needs to be in place for an effective behaviour change programme to be implemented. The gold Model will be used as a Case Study to equip participants to implement their youth peer education strategy.

The training aims to infuse school and community leaders and key champions with the attitudes and principals necessary to develop youth of influence through peer education. Learners will be able to identify and describe the roles and responsibilities of a peer educator within a specific context; plan and organise a peer education session; identify and apply methodologies to facilitate a peer education session; and compile a report on the peer education session. This training is suitable for those who are already working in peer education or who wish to implement a transformation intervention to change school and community norms for the first time. This can be offered as a stand-alone product for organisations.

gold was the first organization in South Africa to be able to offer training in alignment to the Peer Education Unit standards.  These unit standards apply to all school based and community based peer education programmes and gold-enterprises seeks to meet the need in the market for training on these peer education unit standards for addressing norms and behaviour change strategies for youth.

Note: there are a range of additional training workshops that can be added as required by the client which include Monitoring and Evaluation.

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