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Workplace Peer Education Resources Available


Workplace Peer Educator Training Manual and DVD Year 1 (Contains background information and training sessions for trainers to deliver to workplace peer educators on key topics, and guidance on how to use these sessions effectively)

Workplace Peer Training Manual and DVD Year 1 (Contains background information and guidelines for activities to help workplace peer educators effectively reach their peers)

Peer Education Guide and DVD (Presents key management insights and top tips for running peer education programmes, relevant to the workplace or youth contexts).


Peer2Peer Workplace

The Peer2Peer Workplace  product offering is focused on the mechanism of peer education. This involves harnessing executive and middle management leadership capital to design and implement workplace peer education and transformation interventions that result in sustained changes in norms, culture and processes in line with the organization’s individual strategy.

Peer2Peer  is gold-enterprise’s flagship behaviour-change and capacity-building product suite– it’s made up of a set of comprehensive DIY life skills and leadership-development manuals (with supporting videos) for use by peer education managers, transformation managers, human resource managers, trainers and or adult peer educators, for the purpose of workplace behaviour and cultural change.

Effective Peer Education is a dynamic process where well trained workplace opionion leaders within their workplace and community context achieve significant goals, including increasing knowledge and skills on critical issues influencing workplace culture and behaviour, especially behaviour that is influenced by peer group norms.

Peer education as a methodology, whether used in higher or lower level teams within the workplace and the surrounding communities, relies heavily on the quality of training of peer educators. However, many organisations and private companies who want to harness the power of peer education don’t have the resources to develop a full peer education programme. Peer2Peer Workplace is a comprehensive training and capacity building toolkit that provides an option for those looking for a lower cost training solution that they can implement themselves, but which still harnesses the benefits of peer education for their company and is based on evidence based peer education standards and lessons learnt through 12 years of the tried and tested gold model.

Peer2Peer Workplace resources are well complimented by the additional menu of training and capacity building courses, the minimum of which is a 5 day behaviour change course (accreditation optional).

Peer2Peer Workplace resources cover a diverse range of topics related to self-development, health and wellness, leadership, relationships, as well as HIV and risk behaviour prevention. Tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of industry contexts, Peer2Peer integrates the best practices of the gold model in a way that users can adapt these based on their scope and needs.

Even if you don’t want to implement a full peer education or workplace transformation programme, you will find our training sessions helpful in delivering a life skills programme. gold Enterprises can also offer its consulting skills to help you develop your own content based on your specific desired outcome of change.

Product Range

The Peer2Peer Workplace resource toolkit or product suite comprises products designed specifically for workplace peer education. The Peer Educator Training Manuals and Peer Education Guide are used by trainer/supervisors of peer educators. The Peer Training Manuals are used by workplace peer educators themselves.

Peer2Peer provides a simple and effective way for you to introduce and sustain peer education in your company to empower youth as leaders, positive role models and young people who make a measurable change in their workplace and communities.

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