Organisational Development and Management

In the 21st century environment organisations require sustainability plans for survival, which are complex, unpredictable and subject to constant transition.  The organisational tools that are required to navigate through the process from start-up to sustainability and long-term success include defined governance, structures, policies and processes.  All have an important part to play.  But to succeed they rely on an environment where team innovation, review and a willingness to change are encouraged throughout the organisation.

This workshop will seek to improve the capacity of selected participants by enabling them to work towards the development of sustainable organisations where good governance is in place and where success is encouraged in challenging, competitive and sometimes hostile environments. The workshop will provide participants with documented examples and evidence of practical applications of successful organisational management.

This workshop aims to serve:

  • Individuals who are or aspire to become leaders, managers or change agents in small and medium sized organisations working for public benefit.
  • Individuals who are interested in becoming facilitators, trainers or consultants in the arena of organisational development and management.

The workshop will focus on the management of all available resources including team members, time, finance, environment, culture and governance.  The programme acknowledges that each organisation is unique and every team member is an asset to be valued and capacitated to achieve maximum output and enjoyment from the individual role being fulfilled as well as the corporate success of the organisation.

The workshop will enable participants to explore and learn from relevant case studies, offering access to techniques, methods and examples that can be tailored to their own reality enabling growth and quality assurance.

The workshop sessions are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Define the purpose and role of organisations and their members in their local context,
  • Explore the environment and context of some organisational models,
  • Investigate the value of effective collaboration,
  • Explore methods of self management, including leadership skills and practices,
  • Explore methods of dynamic organisational and individual communication,
  • Define and explore some management and leadership methods,
  • Explore some change management models,
  • Investigate capacity building financial and human resources, including volunteers,
  • Investigate methods of integrating technology into organisations,
  • Improve participant’s knowledge of information security practices.

The workshop will be facilitated by trainers with experience of working in the public sector, business and civil society.  Learning will be inter-active and will include case studies, as well as group and individual assignments and presentations aimed at promoting critical analysis.

Successful applicants will be expected to complete an individual development action plan by the conclusion of the workshop.  This will serve as a foundation for regular mentoring and communication sessions following the event to support the development, growth and success of participant’s group activities.

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