Our Training Workshops

We leverage the wealth of experience from gold-youth’s 14 years of evidence based research, training, development practices and peer education methodology. We provide custom solutions for you to reach your people related behaviour change outcomes. We offer a variety of accredited Level 2 and Level 4 peer education training and transformation workshops to drive sustainable human growth and behaviour change outcomes. In addition to the workshops below, we offer accredited work-readiness training and other tailor-made learning solutions and peer education consulting services.

Change with Evidence workshops


Peer Education (Behaviour Change with Evidence) – Workplace or Youth – Accredited

 Our Behaviour Change with Evidence – Workplace or Youth training course is:

  • – A 5 day face to face unit standard aligned intensive training focused on the mechanism of peer education.
  • – Workplace or Youth Programme participants are equipped to harness the leadership capital across specific or across all workplace or school and community levels to design and implement peer education interventions.
  • – Be equipped to bring about sustained changes in norms, culture and processes in line with your organisation’s strategy for individual, group and community transformation.

“This is the best training I have ever attended to equip me to develop people” (Quote from participant)

 – This is a must for those who have experienced the digital course as a foundation.

Transformation workshops

Route 94

A 2 Day Workshop 

Route 94 – Stop and Listen is an exciting two-day-and-one-night transformation experience. A diverse group of carefully selected people from across a company or from across the citizen spectrum is brought together, representing the socio-economic and cultural divides of the nation. They participate in a facilitated experience that will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of South Africa’s road to democracy and where we are today. In doing so, they acquire skills and gain experience of the process of deep listening, enabling them to take stock and improve their vision of a personal contribution towards nation building and transformation. 

In Emerging Market Company

A Half Day Workshop 

In Emerging Market Company is a half-day workshop in which corporates get the opportunity to engage with emerging market youth within the confines of their board room or work environment and discuss the issue of the day. Perceived risks are reduced and the gap between participants is bridged. This is an extraordinary opportunity to interact amongst an intimate group (8 business delegates and 8 youth) in a facilitated environment in which rank is eliminated. Empathy between participants is harnessed and business leaders gain insights into the youth’s environment, which results in both business and personal value.

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