gold-enterprises leverages the wealth of experience of gold’s 12 years of training and development practices, offering extraordinary training and transformation workshops for specific audiences across the corporate, development agency and non-profit spectrum. These training products are founded on gold’s methodology of harnessing the measurable influence opinion leaders have on their peers to drive sustainable human transformation outcomes.

Through our niche training products, we offer our clients a unique experience of personal change, diverse engagement across the human divides and provide tangible skills to begin to unlock solutions for people growth and multiplied peer influence.

Talent Services

gold Talent is striving to be the recruitment agency of choice for employers looking to employ young people of the highest quality.

We have invested 3 years of work into each of our gold Grads. Through the gold Model they have undertake training in personal development, leadership, job readiness, peer education and taught their peers what they themselves have learnt. These young people have been described by companies as:

  • mature for their age
  • impressive
  • committed
  • reliable.

We have gold Model programmes in 51 communities across South Africa, Zambia and Botswana, so we can work with your business wherever you are.

We also offer a range of related services including:

  • bursary scheme management – for organisations offering bursaries for further education
  • diversity and transformation strategy development and training – for companies in emerging markets
  • peer education programme strategies and training
  • experiences to engage with emerging market youth in your boardroom
  • transformation retreats for company leaders