Social Responsibility

Youth Transformation

gold-enterprises exists to contribute to the advancement of social justice. Beyond its core business that serves social change in itself, gold-enterprises will contribute its profits and resources to its shareholding company, gold Youth Development Agency, ensuring the long term sustainability of the gold Youth Peer Education Model and its implementation within Southern Africa. The profit making business will therefore invest in empowering youth to create change for themselves and those around them, thereby developing communities and addressing social behaviour change, youth unemployment and the root issues of inadequate education in Southern Africa.

Within the current climate of developing consciousness, most organisations seek to make a difference through corporate social investment and will desire to work with a company that not only offers excellent service, but that enables its clients to be part of enhancing social transformation in wider community. Clients working with gold-enterprises will contribute to making a difference in the lives of Southern Africa’s future.

In addition, future company growth and future services continues to ensure that selected beneficiaries reached through the gold Model will be given career path opportunities within the context of gold-enterprises and be positioned to earn above a living wage as a result.

In summary, our clients will benefit from a relationship centered, innovative, values-based and tailored service offering which is based on tested processes and products and is delivered with excellence, while contributing to 100% of its profits to youth transformation.

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