gold Enterprises leverages the wealth of experience of gold’s 12 years of training and development practices, offering extraordinary training and transformation workshops for specific audiences across the corporate, development agency and non-profit spectrum. These training products are founded on gold’s methodology of harnessing the measurable influence opinion leaders have on their peers to drive sustainable human transformation outcomes.

Through our niche training products, we offer our clients a unique experience of personal change, diverse engagement across the human divides and provide tangible skills to begin to unlock solutions for people growth and multiplied peer influence.


To address systematic inequality we have to change the narrative about the crisis of youth unemployment and instil hope. It must not be a top down but a bottom up approach if we are to give effect to socio – economic transformation. One of the big barriers for the poor to uplift themselves is power and energy …

gold Shine exists to unlock solutions in the emerging market by leveraging our existing human capital pipeline as well as access to communities through our parent company’s youth development programme with a significant track-record – over 12,000 youth have been through our programme in 120 communities.

The solution we are offering is power. gold Shine is an exciting franchise which allows gold Grads to come into the programme and have a franchise in their community to provide affordable solar powered solutions and products to those who previously could not afford it or could not afford electricity or have never had access to power.

How do we do this? We sell sun time, shine time. We will recruit gold Grads to be placed in their communities – they know the needs of their communities very well. A solar power container will be place in one of our schools as a point of sales and the storage for our solar powered products.

Sun time removes the need for community members to purchase expensive solar products up front. A relatively small purchase cost is offset by the need to purchase prepaid sun time tokens (similar to cell phone data or call credit costs). Using a pin that is found on the receipt the amount of power purchased is released from the solar powered unit. Customers can purchase more Sun time whenever they need it.

Our gold Grads also sell other solar products – study lights, solar lanterns, solar candles and  smartphone charger. Other products such as solar radios and easy-to-install solar panels are available on request.