Much groundwork has been done in gold Enterprises to identify ways of youth upliftment that is also profit making, through leveraging the human capital of the gold Grad pipeline. It is gold Enterprise’s hope to successfully initiate a scalable job creation strategy in areas of greatest need and undeveloped markets.

We are focussing on producing a talent pool for the agricultural and retail sectors (formal and general trade).


The gold Youth Model is a ‘human capital factory’, producing hundreds of young people with valuable skills and character attributes every year. Through the gold Grad (alumni) programme, gold stays in touch with those who have moved through the gold leadership pipeline and have shown initiative, perseverance and the ability to handle responsibility. gold Enterprises offers a point of contact at which the marketplace and these valuable young leaders can connect to their mutual benefit. gold Enterprises facilitates dialogue with industry, partners with employers, and encourages gold Grads who have found opportunities to pay it forward so other youth from disenfranchised communities can receive support and enter the workplace in the years to come.

Merchandisers and Scooter drivers – pilot

Inspired to grow a pipeline for demands side partners

The youth community that gold serves is a large group of dynamic, influential consumers and often the early adopters of new products and services in the market. They have access to communities which are under developed and have great unlocked potential growth.

gold Enterprises has identified retail as a key economic sector that could offer mass employment to their youth whilst opening up new innovative solutions. Our research shows that the unique soft skills possessed by gold’s youth are critical for success in most sectors of the economy including formal as well as informal retail.

gold is testing the feasibility of creating a significant employment channel for thousands of previously unemployable youth in the future.

The initial steps have involved a pilot project focused on developing a process and training package that takes youth from gold’s pool of beneficiaries and screens them for additional training in specific needs required to then be assessed as a potential entry level employee for retail sector (namely merchandisers or scooter and tuk-tuk drivers).

gold will provide the screened candidates with training to sharpen their skills in entrepreneurship, customer service and brand awareness as well as provide them with a “learners license and scooter driving boot-camp” and mentoring journey.

Watch this space!

gold Enterprises is looking for partnerships with companies to invest in testing our feasibility for scaling effective grassroots youth job creation solutions in underdeveloped markets.

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Starts-ups and Franchises

gold Enterprises is busy exploring how to leverage a partnership model with gold Graduates who identify business opportunities in their communities. In turn, gold Enterprises is also identifying bringing business-in-a-box solutions to its appropriate gold Grads who can be screened to be micro-entrepreneurs and or grassroots business managers or employees of gold Grad owned businesses in the future.

gold Enterprises is starting to test how it provides backing and support to build youth expertise while retaining equity in certain gold Grad or gold related youth small businesses or becoming the Franchisor where appropriate. It is our hope that businesses that prove to be successful will be scaled across gold implementation sites and non-gold communities where the need for jobs and economic growth is most critical.

Shine Box Micro Entrepreneurs – Pilot

A gold enterprise initiative

In partnership with Solarway

gold Enterprises has partnered with Solarway, an international manufacturer and distributor of solar products to create an opportunity for unemployed youth to develop general trade micro- businesses by leveraging the functionality and visibility of solar powered products in townships and rural areas. Beneficiaries are 100% black South African youth with approximately 55% being women. Young emerging business owners would all qualify as Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs).


Through a business initiative between gold Enterprises and Raizcorp, gold graduates of the three year gold leadership and community development skills training programme, who are not going on to further study opportunities and who are unemployed on exit from school, will apply and be selected, after a stringent process, to become potential small business owners. They are equipped to run a small, informal retail business that specializes in innovative ‘Solarway’ products that harness the power of the sun. They are also taught to identify other products that are in demand in their community.

Watch this space!

gold Enterprises is looking for enterprise development partnerships to invest in testing our feasibility for scaling effective grassroots entrepreneurship and youth job creation solutions in underdeveloped markets.

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