gold-enterprises (previously registered as gold Consulting) is an innovative, South African, for-profit social enterprise (Pty) Ltd (www.goldconsulting.co.za).gold-enterprises was started in 2011 as a strategy of gold to have a long-term, sustainable profit centre that contributes towards the work of gold amongst the poorest of the poor.

gold is a credible non-profit organization, rolling out a long-term youth model with 12 years of proven results in social behaviour change, education and youth employability.(www.goldpe.org.za). The gold Model draws on best practice global research, together with evidence based learnings from 123 communities in South Africa, Zambia and Botswana. The gold Model uses the methodology of peer education, which harnesses the influence that young people have on their peers to bring about sustained social and economic change. Youth from disenfranchised communities and schools encourage each other to make informed choices and develop health-enhancing and purpose-driven social norms.

The sole shareholder of gold-enterprises is therefore the non-profit entity called gold and as such gold-enterprises is a controlled subsidiary company of gold.

gold-enterprises 2011-to date

Several donors over the years had approached gold, requesting capacity-building support for other NGOs and development agencies. Although this fell outside the scope of what gold’s operations were, gold-enterprises was ideally positioned to fulfil this role. Government departments also requested training and consulting on behaviour-change strategies, using peer education. Again, this was not within the scope of gold’s operations, but gold-enterprises could fulfil this role. In doing so, an opportunity arose to add value to the ongoing work of rolling out the gold Model.

Therefore with several years of evidence that gold’s services and products could reach a wider client base, gold-enterprises took on its first piece of commercial work in February 2011, before it was even legally established. Initial profits funded the legal set up of the business.

gold was the first organization in South Africa to have accredited assessors for Peer Education Unit Standards Level 2 and Level 4. These unit standards are relevant and attractive to many industries for bringing about transformation and behaviour change in the workplace.gold-enterprises has positioned itself to meet the need in the market by designing a revised set of manuals and training course in which its expertise in peer education can be offered as a mechanism to drive authentic human transformation.

One of the strengths of gold-enterprises is that it leverages the strong research base and best practices of the gold Model, as well as selected products, services and methods that have been developed by gold. We have tested these and begun to adapt these for new markets at a profit and still have a significant social impact.

gold-enterprises has grown from strength to strength and has built up a track record of its own serving international development agency and national as well as local government clients and more recently the corporate client. The majority of our revenue to date has come through provision of training-and-consulting services in social behaviour change and leadership development with a transformation agenda.

By offering a few specific services well, we intended to test our strategy and refine the delivery of our services. gold-enterprises continues to leverage the wealth of experience of gold Agency’s 12 years of practice, positioning itself as a growing enterprise that offers unique value in unlocking solutions in emerging markets.