gold-enterprises (legally registered as gold Consulting) is an innovative, South African, for-profit social enterprise (Pty) Ltd (www.gold-enterprises.com) gold-enterprises was started in 2011 as a strategy of gold to have a long-term, sustainable profit centre that contributes towards the work of gold-youth amongst the poorest of the poor and to serve as an employment and job creation vehicle for gold Grads.

gold-enterprises is 100% owned by gold Youth Development Agency (gold-youth). gold-youth is a 14 year old award winning non-profit entity that has used an evidence based youth peer education model to measureably impact 55000 young people in 123 communities across South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Concrete results have been seen in social behaviour change, education and job creation.

gold-enterprises is a for profit entity that provides solutions in emerging markets by leveraging the access to communities and the human capital pipeline from its parent company’s youth programme.