gold-enterprises leverages the wealth of experience of gold-youth’s 13 years of training and development practices, offering extraordinary access to market and an opportunity to unlock local economies-bottom up.


gold Food is a start up venture that we are in the process of getting up and running. This is a systems approach to addressing the wide and varied challenges Africa and African youth face.  It addresses related supply, demand and linkage challenges to youth unemployment, food security and the local food economy by raising awareness, educating and training young people, connecting them to opportunities in the food system, providing pathways to further education or training, employment, enterprise and agropreneurship, paying particular attention to disadvantaged and dislocated communities.

Local food systems increase grower income by as much as 5x, create 4.5x more jobs, and have an economic multiplier of up to 2.5x.  They also:

  • Enable consumers to obtain food items with superior quality characteristics, e.g. freshness, flavour, ripeness, enhanced shelf life;
  • Teach consumers about farming practices used (often directly from growers) which, in turn, engenders trust in the integrity and quality of the food they purchase;
  • Deepen the relationship between the consumer, the grower and the land;
  • Support agriculture and small business development in local communities;
  • Preserve local farmland / open space by supporting economically productive use of land; and
  • Improve food security and mitigate supply chain risk.

gold Food will be setting up a pilot local Food Hub which will serve as a training, demonstration and incubation farm. Our first one is in Kraaifontein Western Cape-South Africa.